Bessie Pearl Slay

Bessie Pearl Slay

Female 1921 - 2009  (88 years)

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  • Name Bessie Pearl Slay 
    Nickname Bep 
    Born 1 Sep 1921  Young County, Texas Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Female 
    Died 6 Nov 2009  Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Buried 8 Nov 2009  Graham, Young County, Texas Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Person ID I515  Casburn Family
    Last Modified 27 Jun 2017 

    Family William Robert Casburn,   b. 26 Oct 1915, Graham, Young County, Texas Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 2 Jan 2001, Mansfield, Tarrant County, Texas Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 85 years) 
    Married 15 Jul 1938  Jacksboro, Jack County, Texas Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. Judy Louise Casburn,   b. 13 May 1939, Graham, Young County, Texas Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 19 Dec 2018, Southlake, Tarrant County, Texas Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 79 years)
     2. Living
    Last Modified 27 Jun 2017 
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    Bessie Pearl 'Bep' Slay
    Bessie Pearl "Bep" Slay
    Bep Casburn
    Bep Casburn
    Bessie Pearl \"Bep\" Slay Casburn
    Bill and Bep Casburn
    Bill and Bep Casburn
    Bil and Bep Casburn at the grandson Allan\'s high school graduation
    Bep Casburn
    Bep Casburn
    Bep Casburn when she was pregnant with her youngest daughter
    Bill and Bep Casburn Wedding Day
    Bill and Bep Casburn Wedding Day
    Bill Casburn and Bep Slay on their wedding day

    William Robert Casburn and Bessie Pearl \'Bep\' Slay Casburn
    William Robert Casburn and Bessie Pearl \"Bep\" Slay Casburn
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    Section G, Row A, Block 10, Lot 2

  • Notes 
    • Lived at 232 E College Av San Angelo, TX

      1935 Worked part time at West Texas Shannon Memorial Hospital as a hand operated elevator attendant
      May 1938 Graduated from San Angelo High School
      July 15, 1938 Married and lived in Graham
      1940 Moved to Breckenridge
      1940 Worked for Woolworths in Breckenridge
      1942 Moved to Sweetwater
      1942 Worked for Woolworth in Sweetwater
      March 1943 Moved from Sweetwater to Fort Worth
      1943 Worked for Consolidated Aircraft as a Proof Reader in Tool Control at Parts Plant Office
      1944 Contestant in Miss Fort Worth War Girl Contest
      June 1947 Moved to Graham from Fort Worth
      1948 Worked for Musser Dodge Plymouth Agency as Bookkeeper
      1948-1963 Worked for various car agencies as Accountant
      1950 Joined Beta Sigma Phi Sorority
      April 23, 1954 Baptized in the First Chritian Church in Graham, Young County, Texas
      1960 Valentine Queen of Beta Sigma Phi
      1961 Second Place winner of Most Beautiful Grandmother Contest in Graham. Sponsored by Harmon Lewis and the Dairy King
      1963 Worked for Graham General Hospital in Accounts Receivable and Payroll as Senior Assistant Account
      1968 Worked for Graham Magnetic as Accountant
      1969 Worked for LeSage Motor Company as Bookkeeper and Title Clerk
      1971 Worked for Ken Rainer, M.D. as Secretary
      1974 Compressed thoracic vertebra T-5
      1974 Worked for Retail Merchants Credit Bureau
      1975 Worked for Graham Medical Associates as Medical Secretary/Transcriptionist
      1975-1980 Worked for Retail Merchants Credit Bureau


      Beta Sigma Phi Life Member
      Graham Hospital Axillary Charter Member
      Charter Member of Graham Womens Club
      Graham General Hospital Board of Trustees 1962-1965
      Christian Womens Fellowship Disciples of Christ
      Sunday School Teacher 9-12 year olds Memorial Christian Church
      Red Cross Blood Bank Volunteer
      Secretary of Graham General Hospital Board of Trustees

      High School Accomplishments:

      Lettered in Soccer, Volleyball, Gymnastics and Dance.


      Cisco Junior College Majoring in Accounting, 1963

      Mom and Dad had very large hearts and open arms for anybody needing a hug or assistance. Many friends and cousins; Jim and Dick Linton, Rainey Wilson and Loretta Solomon spent many days and hours in their home. There was a warm meal for anyone who needed one and an understanding listener and confidant for others.

      "THINGS I REMEMBER" by Bessie Pearl "Bep" Slay Casburn

      I will be 74 years old on September 1st. I began to think about past birthdays and one in particular came to mind. I guess it was my 5th birthday; although I am not real sure. Mom and Dad were living on a farm near Mineral Wells. Our neighbors were Aaron and Hattie Beavers. The day of my birthday was overcast and rainy. The Beavers lived about 1/4th mile down a little dirt road from our house. Mom and my little brother, Sonny, had gone for a visit with our neighbors. I had remained at home with my sisters, Punch (Pauline) and Judy (Ruby Jewel). It was getting late in the afternoon when I saw Mom and Hattie, along with Sonny (Robert)) coming down the little dirt road toward the house. It started to sprinkle just as I ran to meet them. When I looked up again, I saw that Mom had put something over her head to keep the rain off her hair. Ad I got closer she said, "This is your birthday present, and I got to wear it first." That was the prettiest coat I had ever seen. It was imitation karakul fur. I remember the right little curls in the outer fibers and I though no one had ever had such a beautiful coat before!

      While we were living at this same house, I remember being quite ill. Later I was told that I had pneumonia. There were no such medications as antibiotics and pneumonia was often the cause of many a child's death. All that I can remember about the illness was how sick I felt and how weak I was when I had to go to the potty. I remember my head would whirl and I though I would fall off it. I remember Daddy would keep a fire in the wood stove and tub of water on it and Mom would put sheets in it and Daddy would wring them out and wrap me in them. The idea was to sweat the fever and infection out. I can remember how red Daddy's hands were from putting them into the hot water time and again and Mom looked so tired that I lay there and worried about her.

      Back of this same house, there was a flagstone porch (today they are called patios) where we children often played in the evenings. Mom's sister Daisy, and her 3 children Raymond, Faye and Eula were visiting and while the older folks were visiting in the house, my sister Judy was entertaining all of we children. There was a wooden bench out back by the back door and she climbed up on it and preached us a sermon. She was a good preacher and we all felt that we should join her church when the invitational hymn was sung. As we lined up and paraded in front of the bench where she was, she would bend down and put her hand on our heads and say, "God Bless you sister or brother" as the case may have been. Well, during one of those blessings, that old wooden bench slipped on one of those flag stones and over our preacher went and split her head open when it hit the rocks! I believe this was the last sermon she ever preached.

      I do not actually remember this story but this is how it was told to me. My sister's Judy and Punch had their chores seeing after Sonny and me and helping Mom with the house since Mom often helped Dad outside on the farm. Since I was about 4 or 5 my chores were limited, but one of them was to take the potty (Mom called it the Thunder Mug) out back of the outhouse where Dad dumped ashes from the wood stove and fireplace. The charcoal acted as a filter for the urine and therefore helped keep our placed nice and clean. On this one day, sister Punch asked me if I had taken the potty out and dumped. I assured her that I had. When she came along and found it still in the bedroom, she began to chastize me about it. I told her that I would go do it to which she replied, "While you are at it you had better get down on your knees and ask God to forgive you for telling a fib. God doesn't want people who tell fibs." I guess she put the fear of God in me, because after I dumped the potty, I got down on my knees and prayed. When I came back to the house she said, "Well, did God say he would have you?" To which I replied, "No, but a little angle said, 'I'll have you little girl". To this day that little angel is still with me.

      This must have been an awareness time in my life. We had a mild cow that was pretty wild. I know we always had fresh milk, butter and eggs. As I get older, I realize the lengths that Mom and Dad must have had to go to for this to be possible. I know Dad would not keep this old cow in the barn yard but he built a brush pen (he would pile felled trees and shrubs high and make an enclosed area) big enough to keep this cow in. He had to hobble her and then tie her to milk her. I had gone with him and watched as he milker her twice a day. One day he was cutting wood with an ax and the blade glanced off the wood and came down on his foot. He hobbled to the house and sat down on the fireplace hearth and let it drip into the ashes, while Mom got her first aide stuff and attempted to help him. It was soon evident that he would have to have a doctor soon, I can still see that gaping wound. It looked as if only the skin on the sole of his foot was holding it on. The cut was completely across the foot about an inch above the toes. Mom loaded him into the Model T and off we went to Mineral Wells. The doctor's office was up stairs and some man helped him there. We waited in the car and were crying as loud as we could. Some lady was trying to comfort us and said he will be alright now, so why are you crying. I remember pointing to the stream of blood on the sidewalk and up the stairs and said, "But that is my Daddy's blood!"

      1921 Stephens County
      1923 Henry's Chapel
      1925 Salesville
      1927 Caddo
      1928 Breckenridge
      1930 San Angelo