Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Collins, Edith  Bet. 1814–1815Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I1212
2 McCaskey, Doris  11 Jan 1926Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I3570
3 McCaskey, Richard Hilton  18 Aug 1920Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I3183
4 McCaskey, Thomas Slay  6 May 1913Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I3876
5 McPhearson, Robert Mills  4 Jan 1915Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I3309
6 Sims, Minerva Moore  15 Mar 1917Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I3596
7 Slay, Alfred Alexander  6 Mar 1846Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I402
8 Slay, Carney  1839Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I399
9 Slay, Daniel  9 Mar 1829Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I395
10 Slay, Margaret  1833Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I396
11 Slay, Mary Amon  18 Aug 1933Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I3520
12 Slay, Mary Jane  1837Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I398
13 Slay, Mattie  10 Mar 1891Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I1216
14 Slay, Moses Carney  9 Aug 1855Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I1122
15 Slay, Nathan  1835Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I397
16 Slay, Peter James  1 Sep 1943Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I1208
17 Slay, Thomas  1843Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I401
18 Slay, William  1841Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I400


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blakely, Oscar  Bet. 1926–1930Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I1217
2 Collins, Edith  Bet. 1880–1886Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I1212
3 Hinton, Ross  Bet. 1920–1930Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I1222
4 Lankford, Emeline  1930-1940Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I1215
5 McCaskey, Richard Hilton  22 Mar 1926Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I3183
6 Slay, James  1900Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I1211
7 Slay, Mattie  10 Dec 1950Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi I1216


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bounds / McCaskey  7 Sep 1947Buckatunna, Wayne County, Mississippi F2309