Sabine Parish, Louisiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boyd, Hubert  1910Sabine Parish, Louisiana I49391
2 Cates, Albert Brown  11 Sep 1882Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61779
3 Cates, Eunice A  12 Sep 1880Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61777
4 Cates, Georgia Lou  26 Jan 1896Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61792
5 Cates, James Thomas Sr  29 Jul 1898Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61794
6 Cates, John Elbert  31 Dec 1886Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61784
7 Cates, Mary Elizabeth  25 Feb 1891Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61788
8 Cates, Sallie  2 Sep 1893Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61790
9 Cates, William Clyde  19 Jan 1889Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61786
10 Cates, Wilson Britt  10 Aug 1884Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61782
11 Henderson, Arch Cates  2 Mar 1914Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61808
12 Henderson, Arch W  9 Apr 1878Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61778
13 Jackson, Cora E  25 Oct 1883Sabine Parish, Louisiana I33066
14 Jackson, Louis Wilson  29 Sep 1877Sabine Parish, Louisiana I32889
15 Jackson, Martha Amarintha  25 Oct 1881Sabine Parish, Louisiana I33065
16 Jackson, Sarah Elizabeth  31 Jul 1885Sabine Parish, Louisiana I33067
17 Lucius, Alexander Magby  6 Jul 1859Sabine Parish, Louisiana I32873
18 Lucius, Baby  1897Sabine Parish, Louisiana I59758
19 Lucius, Cecil L  24 Dec 1900Sabine Parish, Louisiana I45258
20 Lucius, James Alford  4 Mar 1904Sabine Parish, Louisiana I45259
21 Lucius, Ona Velma  6 Feb 1908Sabine Parish, Louisiana I45260
22 Magee, Ethel Virginia  16 Aug 1885Sabine Parish, Louisiana I2382
23 McCullers, Alecia  1927Sabine Parish, Louisiana I45276
24 McCullers, Janice  1927Sabine Parish, Louisiana I45277
25 Murphey, John Melvin  3 May 1911Sabine Parish, Louisiana I25864
26 Pearce, William Henry Jr  7 Dec 1918Sabine Parish, Louisiana I64529
27 Salter, Edgar Burl  19 Sep 1927Sabine Parish, Louisiana I25881
28 Sherwood, Samuel L  6 Feb 1912Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61816
29 Slay, Alfred Taylor  25 Jan 1904Sabine Parish, Louisiana I38097
30 Slay, Amanda Louise  4 Aug 1913Sabine Parish, Louisiana I2497
31 Slay, Daniel David  18 Jan 1902Sabine Parish, Louisiana I2396
32 Slay, DeWesa Lucille  18 Oct 1926Sabine Parish, Louisiana I45217
33 Slay, Essa  8 Sep 1888Sabine Parish, Louisiana I15209
34 Slay, Felix Reeves  9 Mar 1911Sabine Parish, Louisiana I2398
35 Slay, James Franklin  6 Sep 1860Sabine Parish, Louisiana I13
36 Slay, John Daniel  11 May 1880Sabine Parish, Louisiana I4271
37 Slay, Lou Belle  Nov 1875Sabine Parish, Louisiana I3540
38 Slay, Mack Ray  29 Mar 1903Sabine Parish, Louisiana I32812
39 Slay, Martha Ann  Dec 1877Sabine Parish, Louisiana I3298
40 Slay, Nancy  17 Oct 1862Sabine Parish, Louisiana I14
41 Slay, Ruby Lee  10 Mar 1911Sabine Parish, Louisiana I2492
42 Slay, William Zadoc  16 Dec 1908Sabine Parish, Louisiana I2463
43 Slay, Winnie Lou Florence  22 Jan 1907Sabine Parish, Louisiana I2393
44 Tatum, Carter  20 Jan 1890Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61800
45 Tatum, Effie  1 Apr 1881Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61796
46 Tatum, Inez E  13 Oct 1887Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61799
47 Tatum, James Wilson  16 May 1883Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61797
48 Tatum, Lura Elizabeth  15 Mar 1918Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61851
49 Tatum, Martha Virginia  1 Mar 1895Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61802
50 Tatum, Nancy Lucille  25 Sep 1892Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61801

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Austin, Leola  14 Aug 1987Sabine Parish, Louisiana I25848
2 Bigby, Mary Caroline  1880Sabine Parish, Louisiana I62556
3 Cates, Eunice A  5 Feb 1963Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61777
4 Cates, Georgia Lou  10 Dec 1969Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61792
5 Cates, James Thomas Sr  11 Aug 1973Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61794
6 Cates, John Ryan  15 Aug 1982Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61763
7 Cates, Mary Elizabeth  6 Feb 1929Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61765
8 Cates, Nancy Ann  16 Jul 1936Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61766
9 Cates, Sallie  11 Jul 1983Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61790
10 Cates, Sarah Jane  3 Feb 1890Sabine Parish, Louisiana I32887
11 Cates, William Clyde  12 Jan 1959Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61786
12 Cates, Wilson B  23 Jun 1896Sabine Parish, Louisiana I1099
13 Cates, Wilson Britt  6 Feb 1941Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61782
14 Garner, Nancy  1838Sabine Parish, Louisiana I63366
15 Henderson, Elmina Frances  Aft Jul 1880Sabine Parish, Louisiana I74830
16 Henderson, Nancie Inez  29 Aug 1916Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61780
17 Herring, Priscilla Catherine  1 Nov 1915Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61768
18 Jackson, James L  4 Nov 1936Sabine Parish, Louisiana I32888
19 Jackson, Martha Amarintha  12 Aug 1884Sabine Parish, Louisiana I33065
20 Jackson, William Erastus Sr  1968Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61793
21 Keyes, Uriel Ouida  9 Nov 1959Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61783
22 Latham, Zella  10 Aug 1978Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61795
23 Lucius, Archie  5 Jan 1911Sabine Parish, Louisiana I45251
24 Lucius, Baby  1897Sabine Parish, Louisiana I59758
25 Lucius, Cecil L  4 Jan 1971Sabine Parish, Louisiana I45258
26 Lucius, Emmanitus Caroline  24 Apr 1956Sabine Parish, Louisiana I32876
27 Lucius, James Alford  23 Feb 1967Sabine Parish, Louisiana I45259
28 Lucius, James L  1875Sabine Parish, Louisiana I64072
29 Lucius, Mary Ann  18 Feb 1927Sabine Parish, Louisiana I1118
30 Lucius, Ona Velma  8 Oct 1910Sabine Parish, Louisiana I45260
31 Magee, Ethel Virginia  31 Oct 1925Sabine Parish, Louisiana I2382
32 Magness, Grover C  25 Oct 1952Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61789
33 McCuller, Susan Frances  8 Dec 1986Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61848
34 McCullers, Alecia  1927Sabine Parish, Louisiana I45276
35 McCullers, Janice  1927Sabine Parish, Louisiana I45277
36 McCullers, Levi Frank  7 Mar 1968Sabine Parish, Louisiana I45275
37 Mumford, Louisiana  9 Nov 1922Sabine Parish, Louisiana I1100
38 Pace, Emmanitus Jordan  22 Apr 1884Sabine Parish, Louisiana I1119
39 Pearce, Floyd Ty  15 Sep 1978Sabine Parish, Louisiana I74138
40 Salter, Edgar Burl  19 Sep 1927Sabine Parish, Louisiana I25881
41 Slay, Alfred Alexander  1 Feb 1929Sabine Parish, Louisiana I402
42 Slay, Baby Boy  10 Oct 1912Sabine Parish, Louisiana I25850
43 Slay, Baby Girl  10 Jun 1908Sabine Parish, Louisiana I25849
44 Slay, Essa  3 Jul 1890Sabine Parish, Louisiana I15209
45 Slay, John Alexander  10 Feb 1967Sabine Parish, Louisiana I32814
46 Slay, Mack Ray  2 Oct 1905Sabine Parish, Louisiana I32812
47 Slay, Martha A  Oct 1860Sabine Parish, Louisiana I61067
48 Slay, Martha Belinda  7 Apr 1933Sabine Parish, Louisiana I1109
49 Slay, Walker Speights  6 Oct 1892Sabine Parish, Louisiana I15210
50 Slay, William Cade  8 Mar 1983Sabine Parish, Louisiana I2496

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Austin, Leola  1987Sabine Parish, Louisiana I25848
2 Barker, Carrie Alma  Nov 1938Sabine Parish, Louisiana I2490
3 Cates, Sarah Jane  Feb 1890Sabine Parish, Louisiana I32887
4 Cates, Wilson B  Jun 1896Sabine Parish, Louisiana I1099
5 Jackson, James L  1936Sabine Parish, Louisiana I32888
6 Jackson, Martha Amarintha  Aug 1884Sabine Parish, Louisiana I33065
7 Lucius, Cecil L  Jan 1971Sabine Parish, Louisiana I45258
8 Lucius, Emmanitus Caroline  Apr 1956Sabine Parish, Louisiana I32876
9 Lucius, James Alford  Feb 1967Sabine Parish, Louisiana I45259
10 Lucius, James Samuel  Sep 1907Sabine Parish, Louisiana I32875
11 Lucius, Mary Ann  Feb 1927Sabine Parish, Louisiana I1118
12 Magee, Ethel Virginia  Oct 1925Sabine Parish, Louisiana I2382
13 McCullers, Alecia  1927Sabine Parish, Louisiana I45276
14 McCullers, Janice  1927Sabine Parish, Louisiana I45277
15 McCullers, Levi Frank  Mar 1968Sabine Parish, Louisiana I45275
16 Murphey, Marion Lawson  Sep 1967Sabine Parish, Louisiana I21178
17 Murray, Cora Ellis  2 Sep 1972Sabine Parish, Louisiana I32815
18 Peddy, Maudine  17 Mar 2005Sabine Parish, Louisiana I32808
19 Roe, Phyllis Arlene  1979Sabine Parish, Louisiana I25862
20 Slay, Alfred Alexander  Feb 1929Sabine Parish, Louisiana I402
21 Slay, Alfred Taylor  Nov 1933Sabine Parish, Louisiana I38097
22 Slay, Alvin Mattox  9 Feb 1990Sabine Parish, Louisiana I32824
23 Slay, Baby Boy  Oct 1912Sabine Parish, Louisiana I25850
24 Slay, Baby Girl  Jun 1908Sabine Parish, Louisiana I25849
25 Slay, Daniel  Mar 1913Sabine Parish, Louisiana I395
26 Slay, Eliza Ann  Sep 1941Sabine Parish, Louisiana I32810
27 Slay, Essa  Jul 1890Sabine Parish, Louisiana I15209
28 Slay, Irvin Lon Sr  Jul 1972Sabine Parish, Louisiana I4475
29 Slay, John Alexander  Feb 1967Sabine Parish, Louisiana I32814
30 Slay, Laura Omega  Jun 1908Sabine Parish, Louisiana I2493
31 Slay, Mack Ray  Oct 1905Sabine Parish, Louisiana I32812
32 Slay, Martha Elizabeth  Feb 1883Sabine Parish, Louisiana I411
33 Slay, Riley Cade  Nov 1966Sabine Parish, Louisiana I3470
34 Slay, Walker Speights  Oct 1892Sabine Parish, Louisiana I15210
35 Slay, William Cade  12 Mar 1983Sabine Parish, Louisiana I2496
36 Slay, William Mumford  Aug 1927Sabine Parish, Louisiana I3332
37 Slay, Winnie Lou Florence  Dec 1916Sabine Parish, Louisiana I2393
38 Ziegler, Carrie  May 1913Sabine Parish, Louisiana I3599


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cates / Barlow  19 May 1919Sabine Parish, Louisiana F22417
2 Cates / Henderson  3 Feb 1906Sabine Parish, Louisiana F22413
3 Cates / Latham  10 Aug 1921Sabine Parish, Louisiana F22421
4 Fuglaar / Kirby  11 Aug 1893Sabine Parish, Louisiana F2483
5 Lucius / Slay  1 Feb 1887Sabine Parish, Louisiana F13276
6 Lucius / Slay  29 Jan 1890Sabine Parish, Louisiana F13273
7 Slay / Lucius  21 Oct 1886Sabine Parish, Louisiana F363
8 Slay / Wagley  Oct 1933Sabine Parish, Louisiana F1559
9 Slay / Wooley  10 Aug 1880Sabine Parish, Louisiana F391
10 Tatum / Cates  12 Nov 1916Sabine Parish, Louisiana F22419
11 Tatum / Tanner  2 Sep 1875Sabine Parish, Louisiana F22430
12 Vidler / Slay  26 May 1912Sabine Parish, Louisiana F1556